Welcome to our blog “The mountain mums“!!!

Like our tagline states we are two “besties” turned moms living worlds apart reminiscing a common bond, the little mountain town of Darjeeling we grew up in. We are working moms and just like regular mommies across the globe we juggle many things from families to careers to our passions.

One thing we are very passionate about is our love for nature and we try to advocate the sustainable way of life. As our kids are growing older in cities away from home we are realizing how eco-friendly our “Darjeelingay” lifestyle is. We want to showcase that same sustainable way of life to our kids and hopefully to the world. “The mountain mums” is our humble endeavor to rediscover our connect with our roots and hopefully save the authentic flavor of hills for future generations to relish and appreciate. On this blog we aim to share lots of random bits of our life from Darjeeling mainly focused on sustainable living from tips and tricks, recipies, DIYs and anything and everything that qualifies as the “Darjeelingay” lifestyle. This blog is all about celebrating the simple mountain life. We sincerely hope that you will learn something new and enjoy being a part of our community we so cherish.

So come join our journey in making mother earth a better place for our future generation one step at a time.


Bhawana & Ruby


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Two besties turned mums living worlds apart reminiscing a common bond, the little mountain town they grew up in

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